Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Snow Tires

It seemed odd dropping my truck off to have snow tires put on with the temperature in the low 70's. (These temperatures are to continue through the weekend!)We had 16 inches of snow last Wednesday and there is hardly a sign of it now. I've had my warning. Next time I may not be so lucky to have two days off from work; I could have to go in.

I went for a run while the work was being done. Big O Tires is a little over a mile from Waneka Lake so I decided to run to the lake and do a couple of laps. After the hills on the weekend and enduring atrial fibrillation for the previous 24 hours or so I was ready for some flat terrain. The irregular heartbeats often stop after about a half mile of running and that's how it was today. My legs felt as if there were large rubber bands creating resistance to my forward motion. I plodded along though and manage to squeeze out six miles. When I returned, the tires were mounted.

I have been finding my snow tires in recent winters in Craigslist but it seems as though people are catching on and waiting until it snows and trying to get the most that they can for them. It makes sense. So between higher prices for used tires and higher prices to have them mounted I decided to go ahead and pay to have new ones installed.

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