Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adult Birthdays

Alex's birthday was a couple of weeks ago on a Thursday. He couldn't come home from CU for cake that day because he had a class that met from 6 until 8 so I told him I'd come by and I'd bring him to go get a flu shot while they were still free at Kaiser. On our way to the clinic I asked him if anyone knew it was his birthday. He said no, that it was just like any other day. I said, "Welcome to being an adult." We had a little time left over so we went by Boulder Running Company and I bought him a new pair of running shoes. I think he'd been running in the same pair for about a year. We did have some cake on the weekend.

Today is Ruth's birthday and she is still at work at 8PM; she's setting up for a Day of the Dead event at her school. She went in at her regular time in the morning and returned long enough to feed Elliott and change him before heading back. Another adult birthday comes and goes.

Well, having a baby coming up on a year in four more months is we will have an excuse to have some more birthday parties around here. I was too old for the intensity that a two hour ten year old's birthday can be five years ago; I can only imagine the mayhem it will seem to be when I'm 61.


  1. I'm sorry I didn't keep up Gram's tradition of getting cards to everyone for almost every special occasion. Tell Ruth h.b. for us. I would give you adults parties (not adult-parties) if I were out there.

  2. The plan is to do a little something on Saturday.