Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tossed Salad

Valerie wanted to go to the Pacific Ocean Marketplace in Broomfield so we invited her Aunt Nubia (Ruth's sister visiting from Mexico)and stopped on the way to pick up her friend Evan. While we were there wondering about how one might prepare some of the odd vegetables and fruit or if there is really much of a demand for fresh pork uterus I had a very patriotic moment. Somehow if felt very American to me to be Speaking Spanish with my sister-in-law, surrounded by a mix of Asian folks grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon listen to Bing Crosby sing White Christmas on the muzak.

The odd juxtapositions of Americana didn't end there; when we left we went across the street to the Pho 79 or who knows which number to have some boba drinks. There weren't many people there but they entertained: a couple of young Vietnamese guys eating big bowls of pho and shouting out excitedly at plays being made between the Vikings and Bears on the big screen and an older American couple who were coqueting like they were auditioning for a Viagra commercial completed the picture.

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