Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Short Run

It's funny how there can be such a range of perspectives about running. I've mentioned to a class that I've run 30 miles on a given weekend and they seem mildly impressed by that, then today a student saw me come in from a run and asked how far I went and when I said three miles he couldn't believe it. It was hard to tell him that three miles was the least that I would even go out for.I felt like he would think I was bragging, but it's true. I haven't run three miles in months; I've had a few runsuder five miles when I get a late start on my lunch hour (today I had people lingering in my room and I didn't want to run them out). It's difficult to talk to non-runners about your running; you can't speak matter of factly. They think running for five miles is a long way. So, if you're a runner you can commiserate with me about my abbreviated outing today and if you're not you are welcomed to be impressed with my impressive feat.

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  1. I already thought I left a comment, but it didn't show up....What I posted was:

    I'm sorry it was short, but at least it was!