Friday, November 6, 2009

Eighty Degrees in November

This spring, I think it wasn't until mid-June that we had our second day of reaching 80 degrees. We hit 80 yesterday and 79 today, the 5th and 6th of November. We broke the record for the warmest overnight low for the date which was 49 degrees. Consequently I had a pleasant run yesterday at lunch(I truly prefer running when it's warm) and today I rode the motorcycle to work.

It's a bit curious to my sister that a couple of the reasons I run are to extend my life expectancy and quality of life while on the same day I might ride a motorcycle 17 miles on a route to work and back that includes a total of 18 white-knuckled minutes on the Boulder Turnpike. Just yesterday I was crossing a street on foot thinking how hard and coarse the pavement seemed. I picked up a six inch diameter rasperry rollerblading once; I hate to imagine what going down at highway speed would do. Somehow I feel that putting myself out there without the usual ton and a half of armor enhances my level of caution in general.

I bought the Honda Nighthawk 250 a little over a year ago when gas was around $4 per gallon. It certainly has been easier paying seven or eight dollars a week for gas instead of around thirty to fill up the car or truck. the bck has never delivered less than 70 miles per gallon and has reached as high as 80.

Tomorrow promises warm temperatures again. A long run is in order as well as a day on the Pearl Street Mall trying to squeeze what I can out of the cart on what may be the last pleasant weekend day of the year.


  1. Wish I could still help you out with Pearl Street...

    I remember being there on New Year's Day (in 97 or was it 96?) and it was 80 degrees. Can't beat Colorado weather.