Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wind, Running Gods, and Doble Desayuno

Yesterday was windy here in Boulder County. I can handle sub-zero, snow, rain, 95 degrees, but just plain wind rattles me. I managed to force myself out the door around 4PM. For the first mile I kept thinking about just going back, but I adjusted and the headwind became a non-issue.

I ran in the Frees so I was going slow and striding as if barefoot. It is definitely important to run barefoot before using these to run in; it would be too easy to run normal and hurt you feet otherwise. I had decided to only go five miles but after being out for a while I wanted to stay out and probably would have gone more than the 7.3 that I did if I were in different footwear. My week ended with just 22 miles (my sister did 24 yesterday alone) but I'm OK with it after doing 50 miles last week.

My motivation drops sometimes but I just read a blog post of a Boulder runner who did four negative split of a 5.5 mile loop with a 2500 ascent into the same wind. He's already done the loop over 100 times this year. He calls it his mistress; I say he's married to it! He's won a lot of ultras; I'll be content to finish one someday.

I definitely will get out for a run or two today. I have to; I just ate a bowl of blueberries, raspberries, yogurt, cream, and Grapenuts cereal and when I was putting the last spoonful in my mouth I noticed the empty bowl from the oatmeal I had just eaten a half an hour earlier. I have forgotten to eat in my life, but forget that I just ate half an hour earlier? That hasn't happened. Well, I am getting old. At least I am fueled.

I anticipate a longer run today and a shorter barefoot or VFFered run as well. There is a breeze but it seems less assaulting than yesterday.


  1. I definitely see you doing an ultra someday! You can pretend you're a hobbit...they do second breakfasts.

  2. The hobbit comment was meant to have its own line; it is in no way related to running an ultra....

    I thought I'd see some cute baby pics maybe with a bunny theme.