Saturday, April 17, 2010

400 and Counting

The running week finished off nicely with a two hour outing late Saturday afternoon. I thought to get out early but ended up puttering around a bit, playing with Elliott while Ruth did some household chores, then I cleaned up the kitchen somewhat and made a batch of chicken vegetable barley soup, and brought some yard waste to the compost center. After that I succumbed to a nap. Ruth let me rest for about an hour and then it was time for coffee and pan dulce. It had drizzled some in mid-afternoon but around five the clouds had broken up a bit.

It was perfect running weather, mostly overcast and about 53 degrees. Energy-wise I felt as if I could have gone on well after dark but my feet were not happy. My right heel was starting to hurt as well as the big toe joint on the same foot. I ran for a while as if barefoot although I was in Asics. I felt like I was running in high heels. It did provide some relief to the heel and toe though.

Tomorrow I plan to work in more barefoot time as well as more mileage. I finished the week with 41.8 miles (my running weeks end on Saturdays)and I'm at 405 for the year. Ruth and I plan to hit about five supermarkets tomorrow although we don't need much food. She'd like to see more of what Whole Foods has to offer and she has never been to Rancho Liborio, a Supermarket that caters to the Mexican market. It has great prices on staple foods. I need to go to Costco and Walmart to buy for the school store and we invariably need some things from Kings Soopers.

Time for some of that soup.


  1. Ruth put some in the blender for Elliott. He ate a little but it may have been rather intense with the onion, garlic, and seasonings in it. swiss chard, carrots, butternut squash, chicken, and barley...good baby food.