Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pre-run Talk

The next five days promise sun and temperatures around 70 degrees which is ideal running weather for me since I prefer things on the warmer side. The weather is favorable ad my schedule is favorable; I have the next three days off from work and for the two days that follow I don't have students; they are on what we call Intersession, a time between grading periods when they could come in and finish work if they so desired.

I am concerned about the foot factor; I've been running with plantar faciitis for about nine months. It doesn't seem like a full blown case whereby there is pain from the heel all the way out through the arch but rather just localized on the bottom of the heel. I stretch it throughout the day. Driving makes it worse; it is the gas pedal foot and extending the toes seems to allow the tendons to tighten up. I haven't been so diligent about doing what I know to make it bearable such as ice baths and the anti-inflamatant Naproxen. I have been cross-training; I've decided to count barefoot running as cross-training. Rest is always recommended; I haven't run for the past five days. I know that hardly counts as rest when speaking of tendons healing but time's up!

I am fueling up with some pinole with added chai seeds, cinnamon and blue agave nectar; it is only appropriate that the first run of the day be barefoot or in this case in the Vibram Five Fingers because I am heading to terrain where I picked up goatheads and thorns the last time. I haven't done a morning run in a while. Bye.

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