Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Elliott Walks, Daddy Runs

Elliott has been flirting with walking and we marked Sunday as his first day of walking. Several times he covered about three or four feet quite confidently. He would give a smile and say "heeeey" with an I did it tone. Yesterday he walked from a standstill about three feet and then turned and walked about three more before reaching Valerie. He's even managed to walk on our not-all-that-firm bed. On another occasion he seemed to actually run about five steps and then dove on top of me where I was lying on the floor. I hope I'm still running when he's old enough to distance running; of course, that could be when he's in his twenties. Who in their twenties wants to run with a seventy-something geezer?

This geezer has his right foot in an ice bath at the moment. I ran two miles on the asphalt track at lunch today and the almost six this evening after work. All of the miles were in Asics running shoes. Things felt good at the time, but after running all kinds of errands in the car my plantar faciitis began to hurt. Holding ones foot down on the accelerator is a bad position for these particular inflamed tendons.

Beginning tomorrow and running for six weeks at the school any student or teacher who wants a pedometer to keep track of miles covered is welcome to have one. There will be some friendly competition to have the most miles. I can't imagine anyone doing more than me, but we'll see. I'm at 375 so far this year, 1225 since June 20th of last year. About a thousand of those miles have been with heel pain; I'm hoping it will go away soon.


  1. Yay, Elliott!

    Sorry about the PF. I noticed that I usually am flexing my gas-pedal foot, but that's cause I can use cruise control on most of my driving.

  2. This is a new one...It showed zero comments, but, when I clicked to comment, my first one was there.