Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Hour Run, No Fun

After not running for three days mostly because of rain I was ready to get out and enjoy a good run. I started off a little sluggish but I was expecting to feel more energetic as I went along. At the start of the run there was a brisk wind that made it feel chilly. (Today was a standard running shoe day. Maybe I'll do a little barefoot tomorrow.)

It warmed up though and I started to sweat, which is normally fine but I couldn't find my running hat so I had to put sunblock on higher up on my head than usual, specifically on my forehead. The tube of Coppertone Faces said "Won't run into eyes and sting" so I felt OK with applying it above my eyes. What a mistake; my eyes burned for the next hour and forty-five minutes.

If that wasn't enough I felt my heartbeat go irregular (atrial fibrilation) at about four miles and consequently ran the next seven and a half feeling as if I were not running on all cylinders. And my feet were still hurting from the abuse they took in the basketball game on Wednesday. Waaaa!

I pushed through though. I think that's what most people think of runners; that they are able to keep pushing. That's not really me; I run because it feels good, it's good for me, and I enjoy it. If I were having to push through pain and discomfort all the time I would probably start watching golf on TV.

The upside is that I reached 440 miles for the year and have averaged 32 per week since last June 20th.