Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three Run Sunday

With not a cloud in the sky all day, the temperatures in the mid sixties, and today being the last day of spring break it was difficult to not keep going back out for another run. The first run was in Nike Frees around Boulder while Ruth, Valerie, and Elliott were shopping in Target. The second was a relatively short run pushing Elliott in the running stroller. The last run was after sunset and faster. The GPS lost me at some point but I did a little over four miles at around 8:50 pace. The day's total was 11 miles.

One of the benefits that I have discovered about running barefoot, although I didn't today is that I am much better at running differently in different situations and I'm OK with the various ways. I know that if I'm in the Frees I need to take it easy and run as if barefoot; they do seem to allow me to do that but I know I need to be careful and not do anything or any more than I would than if I were barefoot. I can do a heel-striking shuffle pushing the running stroller, almost as if walking fast in the Asics. When running faster in the Asics I can go from my comfortable old stride to more of a mid/forefoot strike if I want to pick up the pace or power up a hill.

I know there are some people who visit this blog occasionally that may have an interest in the rest of the family or other things that are going on. I may set up a separate blog for some of those things. Hang in there.


  1. How do you do your weekly mileage? Are you a Mon-Sun person? I have several friends who are Sun-Sat.

  2. cada vez mas hermoso mi niño precioso!!!!!! nubia