Thursday, April 22, 2010

Basketball in Nike Frees and Ice is Nice

I've been soaking my feet in ice before going to bed the past few evenings and the plantar faciitis pain and big toe pain seemed to be abating. Yesterday was a rest day because I was on pace for a 50 plus mile week. I was going to run today but we've had some nice heavy rain. My exercise for the day ended up being a faculty/student basketball game. It felt great running up and down the court with the seventeen year olds not letting anyone break away. The cardio-vascular was there and the muscle conditioning but I hyper-extended my big toe, but it also felt like it was freed up somewhat. The PF didn't hurt during the game but got more and more painful as the day went on. I also have a rotator cuff issue in my left shoulder and at one point cried out when I reached high for a rebound, but that also feels like it's been freed up as well.

I don't have basketball shoes so I had to decide whether to play in Asics Evolutions or Nike Frees. The Nikes won out; they actually felt quite good for playing basketball. A shoe with no support and rather flexible might seem counter to what we expect in a basketball shoe but they really felt like what is indicated for the sport.

I may be forced into another day of rest by rain or pain tomorrow. I've iced the foot three times this evening and it feels much better. Thinking about writing about this made me feel like an old man complaining about his aches and pains but the real purpose is to share with others who may benefit from reading about the plight of another. That's what I'm mostly doing when I read other people's blogs.


  1. Funny, I didn't think it sounded complainy. I am surprised that any of your students are fit enough to run up and down the court even at that tender age.

  2. Basketball saves them as far as physical fitness goes but I think all but about three would prefer to have both teams shoot at the same basket. The ice and naproxen have me almost as good as old this morning.