Saturday, March 20, 2010

Body-Mind Discord in the Homo Erectus

The view out the back window makes me think it's the middle of January. There is a blanket of fresh snow all the way to the Divide. Today is the first day of spring. I would like to get out for a run today although it may be advisable to rest.

Since I bought the Vibram Five Fingers and the Nike Frees I have put 18 miles and 13 miles on them respectively and another 35 miles on traditional running shoes. I now wish that I would have had a more conservative interpretation of what slow and gradual mean. I was fine with sore calves; I actually enjoyed the proof that I was running different and strengthening leg muscles. The feet themselves have been fine aside from pain related to a couple of chronic issues like plantar fasciitis and hallux trouble. I didn't anticipate runner's knee. Does this mean I haven't been a runner all these 26 years that I've been running? The pain is mild but definitely present when I swing my legs. One of the suggested remedies for runner's knee is a shoe with a good arch support. I suspect the barefoot philosophy would say strengthening of the arch. I plan to start over again on the barefoot training. I intend to go truly barefoot and much slower and shorter distances. I'll do my regular running in the Asics for now and slowly work at transitioning the miles from one to the other.

I have the next nine days off from work or spring break and Alex will be home so I am hoping that I lots of fun runs are possible. After reading Born to Run I feel like I'm an ultra runner, as if I had been along for the stealthy runs in the Copper Canyon but the reality is that my longest run was a four hour 15 mile train run (I didn't drink donkey muck, but I did eat snow for hydration) and everything else had been between four and seven. Does having the mindset count? I'm even drinking pinole with chia seeds and agave azul syrup for breakfast!

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