Monday, March 22, 2010

Barefoot Barefoot

Today is sunny and it was already warm enough for shorts and a T shirt by eleven. Elliott was restless so I decided it was the perfect time for the next step in the progression of barefoot running and to take Elliott for a stroll in the running stroller (the one we tried to sell at our garage sale the May before the summer we found out Elliott was going to exist).

The surface of our streets seemed even more torturous than yesterday because I think my feet were left a bit tender. I immediately ran and it was endurable. After about five minutes though I was able to slip into the abutting neighborhood where their streets are much newer and smoother asphalt. I then switched to a concrete path; who would have ever thought that concrete could feel so good. I end up going three miles.

The bottoms of my feet felt fine; there was no wearing down like what happens in certain places on the soles of my Asics. The area around my ankles started to feel a bit tired and I could tell my calf muscles had been working to keep each footstep controlled.

Elliott thoroughly enjoyed the outing. Every time he would see a big truck or a colorful sign he would move his feet back and forth as if running, wave his arms back and forth, and let out a yell for joy...more or less what I was doing just without the yell.

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