Friday, March 12, 2010

Eliott Stacking

We found it rather funny that whenever we stacked blocks to model for Elliott what we expected him to be able to do at X number of months he felt an urgency to knock them down and put as much distance between them as he could. A little before 12 months he assented to stack a couple of block and we felt reaffirmed in the intelligence of our offspring. I just read a brief blurb of a mother who wrote in to a baby magazine distressed that her baby wasn't stacking blocks at 15 months. Oh no! One should be careful of what one wishes for; Elliott just turned one year old last Saturday and a coworker of Ruth's gave us 26 inch high baby corral. Elliott's knowledge has already transferred; he stacks up the objects in the corral and climbs on top of them to try to get out!


  1. See, he'd have been stacking at 6 mos if he saw a need!

  2. 2 things:
    First and foremost Happy Birthday to Elliott, what a brilliant little one-year-old you have. Can't believe it has been a year. Wow!!

    And, I have been reading and googling your barefoot shoes and last night I dreamed my husband was wearing them inline at the checkout at our grocery. In my dream they were really wide and looked like hobbit feet. Funny! Strange that they have resonated into my dreams. They are kind of odd looking...