Friday, March 5, 2010

Denting Elliott

Elliott is becoming quite mobile, especially on all four, and he practically runs on his two feet if we hold his hand. He can go up the stairs by himself, sometimes putting a knee on the next tread, sometimes going with a foot first. Last night he cruised up almost without breaking stride. I followed him up. He crawled halfway down the hardwood floor in the hallway and turned to look up at the light and pictures of Valerie and Alex on the wall. As he was sitting there I thought it a good idea to pull his socks off and have him walk a little more with better traction. Bad idea. I tugged and the sock didn't come off, but rather I spun Elliott and he did a head plant into the metal corner of the heating vent. He immediately cried and had a nasty triangular puncture on his forehead with a bump and bruise surrounding it. Ruth should work for social services; she was on the scene immediately and removed Elliott from my care. He was fine after a bit of consoling. The wound doesn't match the "chipote" on the other side of his forehead.

Tomorrow is his first birthday. We are going to celebrate it quietly as a family. I'm sure there will be plenty of sugar-fueled frenzied bashes that fifty-somethings were meant to be spared, so we'll enjoy this one without "invitados". There is a little cake shop cafe right across the street from the school I work at so I ordered a carrot cake from there. Elliott will know "sweet" tomorrow.


  1. Very fun account! Happy Birthday, Elliott!!!!!!

  2. I thought you were going to go with another VFF reference in your comment there: Very Funny Facts or Veritious Fabulous and Fact-filled.