Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Urban Vibram

My calves weren't sore today so I decided to take another spin in the VFFs. The temperature when I headed out in short and a T-shirt at lunch was about 60degrees. I didn't have much time, which was perfect because I figured on going just three miles. Most of the running surface options in any direction from Hidden Lake High School are pavement. I headed up Lowell, did a little bit of a loop and came back down the same street. I did do some out and backs on the grass in a small park but mostly I was on concrete sidewalks, asphalt, or compacted dirt. I could feel my calves again when I was done. I didn't enjoy coming back down hill. Three miles was a good distance but I think I will reserve the Vibram for off-road.

All of a sudden I am a runner trapped in a non-runner's body. My heart, lungs, and quadriceps could carry me all day but I have a short slow range running "barefoot". Consequently I went out again this evening for 3 1/2 miles, but in Asics. It was difficult though; running how I have for 26 years felt wrong but I couldn't do more following my new-found foot strike.


  1. Now my comment looks silly. Rick asked me what fvv was...since I've been playing with VFF a lot.

  2. I thought about that; do I fix the error that one refers to or do I leave it??