Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eldorado Springs

I try not to drive to run, but my little Honda 250 gets 80 miles to the gallon so I don't feel so bad about it; I just feel like a bad example going 50 mph in running shorts and a T shirt. At least I wear a helmet; the odd thing is, I do take the precaution to put sunblock on exposed skin before I mount the bike. Oh, and I wore running shoes on the bike and on the run.

The area around Eldorado Springs has some nice single track. I only ran 8.3 miles there today, but that included about 1500 feet of vertical. I don't have much to say about today's run other than it was about 90 degrees (although the heat index would probably reduce that a bit because of dry air and a breeze). If I can get 12 miles tomorrow I'll have my first-ever 200 mile month.

The photos say everything else there is to say.


  1. Very pretty. I think you must need sun screen; it's so open.

  2. I wear a long sleeve T-shirt and a gaitored cap even if it's over 90.