Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot, Inclined, and Crowded

Valerie and I worked our jewelry cart on the Pearl Street Mall today. It was the day of the annual Jewish Festival. At about 12:30 I decided it was sufficiently hot (85 degrees) that I needed to go for a run. Being closer to the mountains than I am at the house I felt that some vertical was in order. Mt. Sanitas was the closest and most accessible so I headed off in that direction. From where I was it was a gradual uphill for about a mile before the rocky trail up the mountain begins.
I ran everything I could and climbed the parts that were too treacherous. I had one misstep, stubbing my little toe that was already purple from a similar incident on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I lost a firm grip on my running companion and he went face first into the rocks; I understand that the iphone glass can be replaced. Total elevation gain on the trail was about 1400 ft. in 1.4 miles. The 2.3 mile run took 45 minutes. Oddly, the return trip was longer by about three minutes, I think because this type of running is somewhat like climbing a tree; it is easier to go up than come down. There were lots of hikers huffing and puffing; they must have thought I was crazy out there in FiveFinger slippers.

I feel some twinges of pain in my spine. I think this type of run, although fun just has too many possibilities for catastrophe. Just before the iphone did a face plant I was wondering if it would be prudent to wear a helmet. Certainly, my toes have been lucky so far. I think I will stick to more fifty-something-friendly trails.

The apparent rockfield in these pictures is truly the trail. Vista photos look over to Bear Mountain and down to Boulder and the University of Colorado.


  1. Be careful! The mountains must be awful tempting though...especially after reading Anton's blog.

  2. Did you read about his 60 mile mountains run yesterday?

  3. Yes. I love that he includes pictures, too.