Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miles are Miles

I understand the concept of junk miles, but I never feel like my miles belong in this category. At fifty-two moving the mass a given distance is work. Muscles move, calories are burned, and joints are jostled. It's all good, as they say. Today I squeezed in miles where and how I could. I had intended to run trails near Eldorado Springs for a couple of hours but my time ran short.

I rode my motorcycle over to a trailhead just east of Eldorado Springs, slipped off my jeans, switched running shoes for FiveFingers and headed out. I climbed about 500 feet over 2.1 miles of single track. It felt great, but on the way down I detected a blister developing on the ball of my foot at the base of the big toe. I was able to favor it the rest of the way down. I decided to switch back to the Asics but realized my time was running out so I got on the bike and rode home.

Ruth had an appointment so I was able to squeeze in 4 1/2 more miles along my old plodding ground of The Boulder Creek Trail. Later, Elliott was needing some time out of the house so I managed to tack on another 3.4 miles with him in the stroller. I ended the day with 11.8 miles pero no al estilo que esperaba. Oh well.

Yesterday's four miles involved pushing a running stroller and wearing running shoes. The day before that saw temperatures of 94 degrees; it was a nice opportunity to sweat a bit and put 7.5 miles in the books with some hill work to boot.

Today was the tenth day in a row that I've run since the rest day on the day before the Bolder Boulder. Maybe tomorrow will be a rest day and I'll be able to go for that two hour run on Friday. I need to locate the inov8s or NB 100 because, although the VFF are a thrill to mogul run up and down in they are not being kind to the bottoms of my feet.


  1. Inov8 has a good website that helps select the appropriate shoe and locate a dealer in your area.

    You're slowly gaining on me in miles!

  2. 655 so far for the year, 1505 since June 20th of last year.