Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bonus Day

I was anticipating a day off from running today, partly because I had already run the past ten days and felt a little spent after yesterday and it was supposed to reach 96 degrees today. We had a quick thunderstorm pass with some rain about 5:30 that cooled things off nicely. It hadn't reached the nineties anyway, but with the rain shower the temperature dropped to about 70.

We had dinner shortly after the rain ended; when Alex works we tend to eat early because he comes in hungry from doing heavy landscape work all day. I went out for a rare post(spaghetti and salad)dinner run and felt rather good so I ended up getting in 8.3 miles by the time the sun slipped behind the Rockies bringing my miles for the week up to 35.8 with Friday and Saturday left to go. I felt like I could have run forever with the lower temperatures, but maybe I'll do that Saturday since it is not supposed to get out of the fifties and be rainy.

The pictures are of:

1. Elliott playing chef on the kitchen floor just before catching his fingers between the cabinet door and the jamb.

2. The blogger mid-run

3. Longs Peak (a fourteener) visible in the single track trail at sunset

4. The plains of north-central Boulder County


  1. Yay! For your streak.

    Elliott picture, of course, adorable...Your picture, um, perhaps you shouldn't take one with the sun making you squint. I don't think it looks like you

  2. I don't know what to do; I'm sure I'm like 26 but the camera keeps making me look double that! Maybe the new iphone will have an app to fix that.