Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Summary

June was a wonderful month in terms of runnng. I only missed two days, one being the intentional rest day before the Joe Colton race. I enjoyed 38 outings which means there were ten days that I went out more than once, actually nine because I had three run on one day. I read a blog in which the fellow said that running two-a-days felt like training. I'm glad I don't have that perception; they seems like luxuries to me. Actually, it probably means I didn't attend to something I should have that day.

I ran a total of 194 miles in June which averages to 5.1 miles per outing, which doesn't reflect a typical outing. Most of my runs were either clustered around 3.5 miles or around 7 miles. Most of the short runs were run in some sort of slipper pushing a running stroller. For the longer runs I was traditionally shod. Shod running accounted for 115.7 miles and running in VFF, river shoes, or barefoot accounted for 79.2 miles or a little over 40% of total running.

It sounds like my little stroller buddy is up so let July begin!

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  1. Pinch and a punch! I always like another chance to run, but rarely do run twice.