Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Elevation in Shadow Canyon

(We have been video filming Elliott lately so no pictures but maybe some video soon)

Yesterday I wanted to explore more of the trail that I had run on Thursday. I decided to wear regular running shoes instead of the FiveFingers because I knew it would be rockier, and was it ever. The trail eventually got to a point where it was no longer runnable. There were places that it was all rock and on the return I even had to climb down backwards in places.

The first mile and a half was the same 750 feet of elevation gain as Thursday but the next mile had another 750 feet of gain but in just a mile. I had intended to go farther but ran out of time because I had a commitment to pick up a friend of Valerie. I was content to not have gone on any more because from what I could see it was just going to be more bouldering.

I hope the pictures capture the conditions. The iphone is not a good camera and as you can imagine in a place called Shadow Canyon it might be rather dark.

(The rocky images are taken in the area behind the distant image with the devil's thumb in the middle of it. The steps photo is relatively early on the way up)


  1. The shots were good, but is the word "bouldering"? Calvin of Calvin and Hobbs says, "verbing nouns weirds language."

  2. "Bouldering" is a rock climbing sport where one doesn't go much off the ground but rather moves relatively horizontal along a rock face. I didn't make it up; I borrowed it and applied it to what I was doing.

    Creating verbs from nouns in English is valid.