Saturday, July 3, 2010

Miles Milestone

I skipped right over ever having a 60 mile week and ran 70.2 miles this week. I ran three times last Sunday for a total of 13.8 and today I ran 14.4 and went back out at 10:30PM to add on the last two miles to break 70. I was going to be content with reaching 60, but I ended up having to elude thunderstorms and kept getting pushed farther and farther from home. I eventually decided to run to a bus station that I knew I could catch a ride home through the storm on but ended up waiting the storm out in a laundromat (good cashews and M&Ms in those dispensers) and made a beeline home once it passed. When I realized that I was close to seventy for the week I decided to go back out after I got home from working the cart.

Half of my miles this week were either in Vibram FiveFingers, barefoot, or in Walmart Sand and Surf shoes. I am working on a blog that summarizes my four month and continuing experiment with marginally shod/barefoot running.

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