Thursday, July 8, 2010

Short Runs

I'm having difficulty getting in the runs that I'd like to this week so far. One run was 7 miles but everything else has been in the 3 mile range; yesterday I ran 3.1 miles at 8:16 pace. The weather has been unfavorable for running. The temperature has been great(Ruth was on the couch with a blanket earlier), but it has been raining on and off which isn't that big of an impediment, but navigating around lighting is.

I was feeling bored with my usual runs so I decided to head toward the mountains. I like the trails around Eldorado Springs so I headed over there this afternoon on the motorcycle. Unfortunately, the darkest clouds were right over the canyon. Upon arrival I changed into the FiveFingers and slipped off my jeans. I decided that I would run until I heard thunder and then turn around.

The trail goes uphill rather quickly, but never gets so steep that it can be run. Mapmyrun had the steepest incline as 15%; the overall was about 10%. I had only run about 1.55 miles (750 ft. vertical) before I heard thunder. The sky was darkening as well. The trail was challenging for wearing VFF, descending it was very much like skiing moguls. I was all the way down, parallel to the stream, when I violated my first rule of VFF trail running: Don't take your eyes of the trail. I had come down on a different trail than I had gone up so I took a glance across the creek to see where I was and WACK; I jammed the little toe on my right foot. It was a serious jolt but I decided to just keep going.

I arrived at the motorcycle just as raindrops began to fall. The clouds had been building exponentially. On the way home I was barely able to keep ahead of the impending storm with cold drops pelting my arms.

Maybe tomorrow will be the long run day.


  1. Perhaps good to mention that you had running shorts on under those jeans!

    Ow! A picture of the toe would probably get even more sympathy.

  2. Do you really think I could get some sympathy?

  3. Yes...the picture worth a thousand word thing.