Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Child's Play

I'm rather please that although I ran 25 miles this weekend I am having no difficulty continuing to add some miles each day. Monday I ran a usual four mile loop from work at lunch, yesterday I did three one mile track runs with each one subsequently faster, the last at 6:52.

I had run two miles and thought if I could find a student willing to run with me I might go faster. Some were hanging out nearby so I ask if anyone was interested in running four laps with me. One student asked if I would buy him lunch for the week if he beat me. I agreed. We started out and he hung with me, actually making small talk. He mentioned that he played soccer and ran a lot. He was hanging just behind me and I had a touch of concern. We finished the first lap in 1:40; on the second lap he didn't speak as much and I felt he was fading so I slowed a bit to keep him with me. We finished the second lap at 3:05 and he suddenly stopped. I continued and finished the mile in 6:52 as mentioned above. He later mentioned to another teacher that he thought he would be able to beat me because I had just run eight laps. Silly boy. They were amazed that I just keep going. They don't know the sad part of it; when I run any road race out there I finish somewhere in the middle of the pack for my age. I may seem spectacular if you compare me to a couch potato, but compared to anyone else my age that runs I'm just average.

He and his friends challenged me to a relay for the following day, which was today. Four of them would take turns running a lap while I ran all my own laps for 16 laps. Each would get to rest for three laps waiting their turns. None of them were to be found at the agreed upon time. We have rescheduled for tomorrow. Stay tuned. I think they should be able to win.

After work I went out for a Vibram Five Finger run and it is difficult to describe the pleasure it is to run effectively barefoot. I think I have mentioned before that when I feel like I'm in the groove it is like pedaling a bicycle and the gear is set just one too easy.

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  1. What an ego booster, though! You might be surprised with you Bolder Boulder time.

    Missed the commute talk.