Saturday, May 22, 2010

Basketball with the Boys

I had intended to do some speedwork this week with the Bolder Boulder coming up in a few days but Wednesday I had to watch some kids who wanted to play basketball in the gym and I ended up joining them for a ninety minute half court game. I had to play in my L.L. Bean hiking boots because I had ridden the motorcycle to work. After about 20 minutes I looked like the 17 year old and they all looked like the 52 year olds. I was able to run and fast break at will and even though fresh legs joined the game as tired ones left none of them were able to keep up. I was able to break away for a lay up, miss it, get the rebound, miss the next shot, and finally put it in before they would get down to cover me.

I have to admit though, I am probably the only one still sore from the game. All the stopping and starting, spinning, twisting, and jumping put a strain on ligaments and muscles. I also took an accidental head-butt to the chest which, if it didn't bruise a rib, put stress on everything connected to them. Taking a deep breath causes me to gasp. I ran about five miles this afternoon and I felt it in the rib cage with every breath. I don't think it will hold me back but it does make it less enjoyable.

So keep running your miles, or walking around the block, or pedaling the bicycle; it pays off.

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  1. Wow John! That is quite impressive. I think Valerie and Elliott are keeping you young.