Saturday, May 1, 2010

17.3 Miles and no Baby Pictures

Today was a perfect day for running and I was coming off of three days rest and very little mileage early in the week so it was time to get out. I started with a late morning 3.2 mile run in Vibram Five Fingers pushing Elliott in the Baby Jogger that we spent $175 for used about fourteen years ago for Valerie. We had a $50 tag on it at a garage sale two years ago; it didn't sell and the following month we found out Ruth was pregnant. It is the original model.

I came back to the house, hung out a little, and prepared for a longer outing. I decided to go for two hours. The temperature was in the mid fifties with mostly sunny skies; I could have run all day...well my body tells me different now. I did run for 2 hours and 22 minutes ending up with 12.8 miles. I took along 1/2 liter of water mixed with lime juice concentrate, chia seeds, and blue agave nectar. It was thirst quenching, but I think it was missing electrolytes but two and a half hours on not a hot day wasn't pushing the demand for them.

I ran in Asics Evolutions and found myself a bit uncertain of how to run. Running in the VFFs earlier predisposed me to wanting to run with a mid-foot strike, not to mention that I was having to endure some heel pain, and heel striking was exacerbating the issue.

I tallied my mileage in minimalist shoes/barefoot and traditional running shoes since March 1st and I have run 35% minimalist and 65% traditional. I am going to make an effort to slowly increase the minimalist percentage.

I finished the day with another brief outing with Elliott in the running stroller to bring the day's total to 17.3 miles.

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