Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Week without Running

My schedule this week didn't allow time for a run. That's not fair. I had run for over two hours last Saturday and for some reason it left me rather wiped out. I felt achy and even somewhat sick the following two days so I didn't run, although I did take Elliott out in the running stroller a couple of times for a walk.

I'm administering the CELA exam at school. It is Colorado's annual assessment of English language learners. Between actually administering the test and work related to that most of my non-teaching time including the lunch hour gets consumed. Then, after school on Tuesday I taught an adult Spanish class so I didn't get home until almost seven by which time Ruth and Valerie are ready to hand off Elliott. Wednesday after school we had parent-teacher conferences so I didn't get home until almost eight. Errands after work on Thursday again left me with no time and yesterday afternoon Ruth and I relaxed and enjoyed some coffee and pan dulce.

I have a couple of overuse injuries that needed a break anyway so it wasn't such a bad thing to have a little down time. I should be able to get out for seven to nine miles today and depending on how things feel a longer or shorter run tomorrow. I'd like to be able to head into spring ready to increase my mileage without hesitation.

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