Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fueling up

Do you want blueberries in your pancakes? And how do you like your coffee? Sorry, I kept buying real Vermont maple syrup even though the price of the 1/2 gallon at Costco kept going up, but when they cut the size of the container in half and the price the same I had to leave it. There is organic sweet butter though.

I will run today. I can't have a pancake breakfast without burning it off. I took off Monday through Friday this week from running. It wasn't because I wanted to, but Monday I teach an adult class right after work and Tuesday I have two adult classes to teach that eat up four hours. Consequently that left Wednesday evening to catch up on things, and Thursday evening I began working on federal taxes. Last night Ruth had an event at her school and so Valerie and I were in charge of Elliott. Actually, Valerie entertained him while I cleaned the kitchen. I haven't been able to run at lunch because I've been catching up at work as well and I've had students that have had to make up time with me so they come in at lunch. I should have them run with me, or at least walk. Anyway, I consider it healing, although my heel doesn't seem to want to heal. It probably really needs a long time running. Well, I don't see that happening.

Elliott will be eleven months old Thursday. I think he will be walking on his own before his first birthday. He's pretty good at standing and holding on. We have ceramic tile and ash flooring (harder than oak) so a helmet might not be a bad idea.

I make the pancakes from scratch with four different flours. I put dry oatmeal in the coffee grinder to make one of them and buckwheat is another. There is only a cup of white flour to the two cups of other flours. I usually have buttermilk on hand but today I don't. More coffee?

I have to get going on emailing out a lesson for one of my classes. Finish your coffee; don't mind me.

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  1. Perhaps along with Elliott's Xmas presents, I should send some Maine maple syrup for the other people.