Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two Hour Tour

With a blog titled "The Long Run" one could expect that a post about running would be the default entry, although I see the title as a metaphor. I only ran three days this week but the upside is that I'm at 42 miles already for the year. If you read my pevious post you may remember that I spoke of anticipating a two hour run today. The good news is that I did run for two hour, and six minutes.I felt a bit sluggish the first four miles but was happy to begin to feel that being at a running pace was as normal as being parked on the couch. At five miles I had to go through a gate that divided two fields. I had to unhook a chain and when I did it swung free. I stooped over to recover it and there was a painful catch in my back. I immediately laid down and did some hamstring stretches before continuing.

I was content to be able to continue but my back gave me occasional jolts and consequently weakness in the right leg. There was some occasional relief when my focus turned to the pain that I was already experiencing in my right foot's big toe joint. My attention to that was usurped by the chronic heel pain that I've had for months, also on the right side. I should just hop on my left leg and give the whole right side some rest.

My hope is that running fewer days per week will allow some healing. I'd like to increase the miles when spring arrives but I need to be in the right physical state to do that.

The sky was clear. When I started out the temperature was probably around 42 but I would say that when I finished at 5:20 it had dropped ten degrees. I felt chilled.

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