Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time Marches On

I've been scanning into the computer and editing photos that we have in albums. This photo of Harvey VanDerbeek and Elizabeth Tipping VanDerbeek, my grandparents, was probably taken around the time I was born. My grandfather didn't like anything written on photos and this was taken before my grandmother dared to start penciling in the names and dates on the back edges of the photos so I don't know the exact year.

It seems odd to see the juxtaposition of this photo with the one of Elliott in my previous post: two generations, sixty years apart. Harvey and Tip here, were younger than I am now. When Elliott's my age I'll just be an image of pixels stored on a jump drive in a drawer somewhere.

I'm pretty sure the photo was taken in Massachusetts but I don't recognize any of the background so I can't say where. I wonder what affair they might have been going to.

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