Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tender Foot

I'm a little concerned about my right foot that I stress fractured a little over two months ago. I starting some easy jogging a couple of weeks ago and took a week off from running because of a head cold. My little running group of students at school is starting to grow so I've been going out with them. So far we've been going two miles and alternating jogging and walking. The eight who have gone with me so far are enthusiastic; I must say though that I was rather startled that two had a cigarette along the way yesterday. More say they are going to join us.

A couple of days ago after work Elliott needed to go for a spin so I took him out in the running stroller. My foot was feeling pretty good so I wore the FiveFingers and continued with the walk/jog pattern. Oops. By the time I had done a mile and a half of that I realized I better just walk.

There wasn't localized pain, nor was it sharp, but there was some generalized discomfort that developed and I was uncomfortable with that. This has persisted for the past couple of days and outings with the kids so I'm going to limit my running to the couple of miles of walk/runs that I'm doing with the students and wear the Asics with an orthotic.


  1. Be careful! I hope you can keep running for you, but now, too, for those kids.

  2. The foot feels better today, but I think I need to keep it short, slow, and cushioned.