Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nap, Beer, or Run

I had intended to get out for a run this morning but Valerie's birthday party was to begin at 12:30 and there was some house cleaning to do and some errands to run so it didn't happen. Once the party began there were chips to eat, then a range of Chinese food and Chantilly cake to consume. After all that I was more torn between having a beer or a nap. I opted for the nap but ended up reading the Bart Yasso article in November's Runner's World. After reading that, it was hard not to get up and go for a run, which I did. Sometimes we have to go for that run because there may come the day we can't. I also feel we have to run for others as well. Thank you to everyone who carried the torch and kept the running gods happy while I was out of action.

It was a cool day all day and dusk was even cooler. My legs had good energy which counteracted all that my stomach was carrying. I ran neighborhood streets, concrete bike paths, and open space dirt trail. It felt as if I was running normally again. I did five miles at 9:20 pace. I'd go out again if someone were to invite me.


  1. Glad your back to doing what you love..
    Happy Birthday to Valerie! Still remember her in a little sundress and hat.. Time flies.

  2. When you saw her probably was the last time she wore a dress. She's not unlike you when you first showed up at Villa Italia.

  3. Glad to here you're getting healthy and back on track! The best is yet to come.

  4. One can forgo
    a nap of course
    but a beer no