Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Unsatisfying Bicycle Workout

After three weeks of physical inactivity I decided to try out the bicycle on the Boulder Creek Path while Ruth was at an appointment in town. I pedaled as hard as I could for 38 minutes but could never get enough big muscle groups working hard enough to require me to open my mouth to breath. The weak link seemed to be the hamstrings. I felt limited by muscle fatiguing in that area. Everything else was fine. The boot was no impediment and there was no pain in the foot while pedaling.

I think if I build up a bit I can strengthen the muscles that are more specific to bicycling and then maybe I'll be able to get some cardiorespiratory benefit. I imagine it is going to take some time to build up the bicycling muscles to match my current cardiac condition. My guess is that after three weeks of rest I haven't lost too much conditioning but if I go on any longer I will start too lose it.


  1. I hope you enjoy your stint on the bike. I was never able to like it. It is better than swimming (enjoyability-wise) at least.

  2. Kind of funny that Blaine on his blog has a post on biking vs running. Like he read your mind...or your post : )

  3. I'll take a look but here is my comparison: A bad day running is better than a good day on a bike.