Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dirty Thirty Recovery

I can't say I left it all on the course of the Dirty Thirty 50K last Saturday. I've run all of the five days since the race for a total of 25 miles. About 13% of my mileage this year has been in the past week. I feel quite good; there have been some twinges here and there but nothing that has been made worse by running.

In the results on the race website my name is just about last before the DNF's. They added 10 minutes to lots of runners' time because they were turned back just shy of the last summit. They said it was a quarter of a mile. I was one of those runners. It did not appear to be 1/4 mile as they calculated nor do I think I was moving at 40 minute per mile pace at that point. This was not a big deal to me, but all the people who were not allowed to even begin the 4.9 mile loop to the summit who were behind me ended up ahead of me by an hour or so because they just ran straight back and into the chute. Alex was one of those runner. His time showed about an hour faster than mine but he should have been about half an hour behind. I am happy with my time; it would just be nice to have the runners I was ahead of to be listed after me or at least have a double asterisk by their names. Maybe when lightning starts to strike it's a bit more challenging to get the job done. I suspect bib tags that were marked at the summit ended up not getting pulled to distinguish who had made the climb and who hadn't.

I reread my race report and discovered lots of errors. I'm sure readers were able to muddle through, but I have a little bit of regret for clicking "publish" without proofing. I've since fixed the errors I could find on one pass through.


  1. Kinda stinks that the results don't reflect what occurred, but at least you know

  2. What a shame they couldn't get the result to reflect an accurate account of the race. Folks often look at previous results to get a sense of things and this won't show that. Either way - great race and I'm sure there will be more in your future!