Thursday, February 3, 2011

Running with People - kind of

Being off for two "inclement weather" days gave me a little extra time so looked into joining a trail running club and found Boulder Trail Runners. There are runs every day and night. I decided to go meet up for one last night out near Boulder Reservoir. There were six of us and the temperature was minus six. It was very dark so I never saw a face, just bright halogen headlamps and backsides. The pace seemed a little faster than what I usually run. It was also difficult to discern the grade but I felt that we were running up a two to three percent grade for a ways at a good clip. Three runners ended up about fifty yards ahead a two about fifty yards behind. We eventually came to a gate and we all reunited and ran as a group from there after one fellow headed off in a different direction to go home. I was able to make some acquaintances in the next few minutes. The pace also seemed to start to taper a bit; at that point though I was used to the pace and could have kept it up. At 5.6 miles we were back to the parking lot.

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