Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeling Too Good

I hadn't run for almost two week, not counting a three mile jog last night, because I've been busy and had a mild cold, but today with the temperature at about 60 I decided it was time to make up for it. I took the motorcycle out and headed to Eldorado Springs. It was certainly a shorts and t-shirt afternoon.

With rested legs it was fairly easy to run uphill. The first hill was 2.2 miles long with a 3.5 percent grade. I came off of that and started onto another climb of about two miles at 4% grade. Things leveled out for a while as I entered Eldorado Canyon, but from there I started up Rattlesnake Gulch. This climb was something over 2 miles and an average of 9% grade. I was cold by the time I reached the end of the climb and my IT bands were starting to act up. I forgotten all about them for the past few years. I was 9 miles into the run at the turn around point and on my way down decided that I was not going back the way I came.

I was able to make it back to the motorcycle with just a 4 mile return and 1800 ft of vertical. I was pleased with the run overall especially that I was able to run it all; I stopped for pictures but I was moving most of the time. I was surprised that I was out for six minutes shy of three hours, but almost nothing was flat.

There is a road at the bottom of the valley

I generally look worse in photos on a run

These rocks are the same as the ones in the photo below


  1. Weird, the pics actually look better when you click on them to enlarge. It's funny that that can be you're almost everyday run.

  2. You're right; the image is better. I'll add another photo or two; there were climbers on the side of that cliff in another photo but I left the photo out because I thought they wouldn't show up. Only could muster 5 miles today with the sore IT band.

  3. Yikes, I need to proof my comments...It was supposed to read, "It's amazing that that can be your almost everyday run."